Nick Porsche Album Big Fish Released July 10th 2020

“The story moves with you” – big fishes, small fishes: let yourself go and swim with Nick Porsche: rock ballads waving at the Black Keys, Elvis Costello and Jeff Buckley, although fairly unique in their genre. Nick Porsche delivers on «Big Fish» a first album produced by Geneva’s all-round producer Robin Girod. There he swims against the tide, while being largely inspired by hip-hop, ethnic music, soul and rhythm & blues, creating a direct and sincere album with, at times dark, yet always magnificent atmospheres.

Accompanied by Simon Spahr (bass and backing vocals – aka Crimson, from Stude Yeah and Pegasus), Hannes Prisi (drums – aka Hugo Panzer, co-founder of the Hugo Panzer Festival, plays with Peter Kernel, Hugo Panzer Trio and Stude Yeah) and Ali Dada (guitar and backing vocals – Biel-based legend), Nick Porsche leaves the lake of Biel to conquer the seas around the world.

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